During the last year, many of us have spent so much time in virtual meetings that we have gotten awfully tired of them. Few people find pleasure in seeing themselves squelched into one little box on a computer screen that is chock full of them. But would you be surprised to discover that those video

We invite you to visit Sergio Cervetti’s composer’s page on Classical Archives and begin your exploration of the works of this remarkable composer Last month, we started listening to the music of Sergio Cervetti, a remarkable American composer who was born in Uruguay. We have continued to explore his music over the last month. At

Earlier this month, SETI Artist-in-Residence Felipe Pérez Santiago launched his Earthling Project in collaboration with the SETI Institute and the Arch Mission Foundation. And you – yes, you – are invited to add your voice and take part. The SETI Institute, located near the NASA Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley, is anon-profit research organization dedicated

The Metropolitan Opera, the Berlin Philharmonic and other immense performing organizations are streaming plenty of performances these days. But at the same time, many of us miss the excitement of going into concert halls to discover performances by exciting small ensembles and individual artists.  If you miss discovering emerging artists and groups in live performances,

There is so much to love about this time of year. But of all the delights of the season, we have to say that the one we look forward to most of all is almost certainly A Steinway Christmas Album: Piano Music for the Season, which has become beloved everywhere since it was released on

by Bettina Forget I have a challenge for you: browse through your local orchestra’s program and see if you can spot any works written by female composers. My guess is that you may be hard-pressed to do so. The odds of hearing classical music composed by a woman in a major concert hall is vanishingly