Some years ago I saw a rock version of Monteverdi’s Inoronazione di Poppea that was just great. The producers simply let a rock band play what Monteverdi wrote – with no modifications at all, except for the addition of a drum set. The performers sang it in English. And that really worked.

That was extremely cool. But now, something even cooler seems to be coming our way. A highly innovative musician/producer named Adam Levowitz is taking a similar, modernizing approach to make Mozart’s Don Giovanni into a rock opera. Don Giovanni, we think you will agree, is a pretty cool opera in the first place. So we predict that Mr. Levowitz’s new kind of Don Giovanni will make the opera doubly cool – and increase its appeal to a younger demographic.  It too will be performed in English, and by an extremely attractive cast of singers. Even the instrumentalists in Adam Levowitz’s Rock Orchestra are a hot-looking crew too.

While we are waiting for the first performances to happen, you can even preorder the new recording now.

Don G. is back, and this time (dare we say) it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy. It’s just pure cool.