The Sphere Quartet, Legato Artists, perform Brahms

The Metropolitan Opera, the Berlin Philharmonic and other immense performing organizations are streaming plenty of performances these days. But at the same time, many of us miss the excitement of going into concert halls to discover performances by exciting small ensembles and individual artists. 

If you miss discovering emerging artists and groups in live performances, we encourage you to explore Legato, an online source of live performances from some of the most exciting soloists and ensembles active today.

How Legato Works

  • You review upcoming performances that Legato will stream.
  • You purchase tickets for the concerts you would like to attend.
  • You log on and watch the performance at its scheduled time.

The experience is very much like attending a live concert.

Who Is Performing on Legato?

Many exciting artists. A partial list includes:

  • James Alexander, cellist
  • Colors of Brass, brass quintet
  • Martina Consonni, pianist
  • Edson Ensemble, up-and-coming Amsterdam-based jazz/classical ensemble
  • Nakumba Band, Brazilian trio
  • Dustin Paul, singer/songwriter
  • Benjamin Phoon, violist
  • The Sphere Quartet

That is only a partial listing of Legato’s roster of artists, many of whom will present live streaming concerts soon.

And Legato Helps their Musicians Too

100% of the base ticket price for every ticket sold for their performance goes to the artist(s). Legato adds a service fee on to the cost of each ticket and does not take any portion of the ticket price. So when you attend a Legato concert, you are supporting musicians at the same time you are watching them perform.

That, we think, is a win/win benefit for the world of music, just when we need it the most. Be sure to check out Legato.